Titan FX Dividend Calendar

2024/04/01 (Mon)
2024/04/02 (Tue)
2024/04/03 (Wed)
2024/04/04 (Thu)
2024/04/05 (Fri)
2024/04/06 (Sat)
2024/04/07 (Sun)
2024/04/08 (Mon)
2024/04/09 (Tue)0.07AUD-0.07AUD
2024/04/10 (Wed)
2024/04/11 (Thu)
2024/04/12 (Fri)
2024/04/13 (Sat)
2024/04/14 (Sun)
2024/04/15 (Mon)0.295AUD-0.295AUD
2024/04/16 (Tue)
2024/04/17 (Wed)0.33AUD-0.33AUD
2024/04/18 (Thu)
2024/04/19 (Fri)
2024/04/20 (Sat)
2024/04/21 (Sun)
2024/04/22 (Mon)
2024/04/23 (Tue)
2024/04/24 (Wed)
2024/04/25 (Thu)
2024/04/26 (Fri)
2024/04/27 (Sat)
2024/04/28 (Sun)
2024/04/29 (Mon)
2024/04/30 (Tue)

*The display shows the total of the monthly equivalent amount of dividend actual amounts per lot in the settlement currency.
*If you hold in buying, the displayed amount of receipt occurs, but if you hold in selling, the payment of the displayed amount occurs.
*The dividend equivalent amount is displaying past performance and does not promise future dividend equivalent amounts.
*The amount, frequency, and occurrence of the dividend equivalent amount vary depending on the symbol.
*This dividend calendar is displaying past data. Please be aware that we do not necessarily guarantee the accuracy of the contents of the calendar, and changes, modifications, additions, etc., may occur without notice.