Historical data(1minute bar) Downroad

Download of Historical Data (1-Minute Data) You can download historical data (1-minute data) for major symbols of Titan FX in CSV format. After selecting 'Account Type', 'Asset Category', 'Symbol', 'Start Month', and 'End Month', please confirm the terms of use and click the 'Agree to Terms and Download' button to start downloading the data.

Data to Download

Account Type: Standard
Symbol: USDJPY 1-Minute bar

Historical Data Terms of Use

Only those who agree to all of the following items may use the historical data distributed on this website (https://research.titanfx.com):

1.This data is distributed for the purpose of backtesting automated trading and market analysis aimed at trading on TitanFX. Redistribution to third parties, whether paid or free, or storing it on a network in a state where it can be transmitted to third parties, is prohibited.

2.While utmost care is taken to ensure the accuracy of historical data, its accuracy is not guaranteed. Furthermore, we may change or correct the content of these data without notice.

3.TitanFX is not liable for any profit or loss resulting from the use or reference of this data.