Indicator Overview

Displaying 12 Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) Simultaneously

GMMA is an indicator that displays 12 moving averages (typically EMAs) of different periods.

It was developed by Daryl Guppy and is named after the initials of Guppy Multiple Moving Average.

It typically analyzes long-term trends with moving averages of periods 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 60, and short-term price trends and momentum with periods of 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, and 15.

【Example of GMMA display】 Example of GMMA display

GMMA Checkpoint ① Order of Moving Averages

GMMA displays multiple moving averages of different periods. When the order of moving averages is from the shortest at the top to the longest, it indicates a strong uptrend; if from longest to shortest, a strong downtrend, increasing the anticipation of trend continuation.

【Order of GMMA】 Order of GMMA

GMMA Checkpoint ② Width of GMMA During Trend Formation

In GMMA, attention is also paid to the distribution (width) of each moving average during a trend. A wider distribution of moving averages indicates significant movement in short-term EMAs, suggesting strong market momentum.

Excessive widening can also indicate a short-term overheating of the market.

【Width of GMMA】 Width of GMMA

GMMA Checkpoint ③ Levels of Pullbacks and Rebounds

When a trend is occurring in GMMA, it is also important to monitor how far pullbacks and rebounds reach. Large pullbacks or rebounds may indicate that the momentum of the trend is weakening.

【Levels of Pullbacks in GMMA】 Levels of Pullbacks in GMMA

※ This indicator only works with the Windows versions of MT5 and MT4 from TitanFX.

Indicator Terms of Use

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Indicator Settings

Input (for MT5), Parameter Input (for MT4) Tab Settings

Variable NameDescriptionDefault
Period 1-12Specifies the period for each moving average.3、5、8、10、12、15、30、35、40、45、50、60
Moving average typeSelects the type of moving average. Options: Simple (SMA), Exponential (EMA), Smoothed (SMMA), Linear weighted (LWMA).Exponential
Which candlestick price?Specifies the price used.Close price
ShiftUse this to shift the display position left or right. Entering a positive integer shifts it right, and a negative integer shifts it left.0
Short term Line ColorSelects the color for the short-term moving averages. The display will be a gradient between the color selected here and the color selected for the long-term lines.Red
Long term Line ColorSelects the color for the long-term moving averages. The display will be a gradient between the color selected here and the color selected for the short-term lines.Blue

Color (for MT5), Color Settings (for MT4) Tab Settings

0-120-12Color, thickness, and type of each moving average line

※ Please note that although you can temporarily change the color settings, when MT4 or MT5 is restarted, the gradient colors set in the parameters will take precedence and revert to the original settings.