Round Level Horizontal Line Indicator (Titan_Horizon_grid)

Round Level Horizontal Line Indicator (Titan_Horizon_grid)

Indicator Overview

Drawing Horizontal Lines at Round Levels

This indicator allows you to draw horizontal lines at round levels on the chart at specified intervals.

While MT4 and MT5 automatically draw grid lines based on the price range visible on the chart, these aren't always at round levels, which can be frustrating for some users. This indicator solves that by allowing you to draw lines at intervals such as 20 pips, 50 pips, or 100 pips.

By hiding MT4 and MT5's default grid lines and using this indicator instead, you can create a clean chart with horizontal lines at round levels.

【Comparison of Default Grid Lines and Horizontal Lines by This Indicator】 Comparison of Default Grid Lines and Horizontal Lines by This Indicator

Possible to Overlay Multiple Lines

You can display multiple instances of this indicator on top of each other. For instance, you could set grey lines every 20 pips and red lines every 100 pips. Using different colors allows you to customize the chart for easier analysis according to your preferences.

Note: When overlaying multiple sets, the later settings will be displayed on top. To ensure visibility, draw smaller pips counts before larger ones.

【Example of Displaying Grey Lines Every 20 Pips and Red Lines Every 100 Pips】 Example of Displaying Grey Lines Every 20 Pips and Red Lines Every 100 Pips

※ This indicator is only compatible with TitanFX's Windows version of MT5 and MT4.

Indicator Terms of Use

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Indicator Settings

Input (For MT5), Parameter Input (For MT4)

Variable NameDescriptionDefault
PointsSpecifies the interval in pips at which to draw horizontal lines.10
Line_colorSpecifies the color of the horizontal lines.Gray
Line_styleSpecifies the style of the horizontal lines.Dot
Line_widthSpecifies the thickness of the horizontal lines.1

Color Settings (For MT5), Color Configuration (For MT4)

00Not used.