One-Click Trading in MT4 (Windows)

Preparing for One-Click Trading in MT4

Before executing one-click orders, you need to configure the settings.

① Select 'Options' from MT4's tools.

② At the bottom of the options screen, check the box for 'One-Click Trading'.

③ A disclaimer for one-click trading will appear; review the content, check 'I agree to these terms and conditions', and click 'OK'.

One-Click Trading in MT4

One-click orders are placed using the trading panel at the top left of the chart.
Enter the lot size in the upper center, and click 'BUY' or 'SELL' to place the order.

If the trading panel is not displayed, click the small triangle icon at the top left of the chart or right-click on the chart and select 'One-Click Trade' to display it.