Local Time Display Indicator(Titan_Chart_time)

Local Time Display Indicator(Titan_Chart_time)

Indicator Overview

Displaying Time at the Bottom of the Chart

This indicator allows you to display time at the bottom of the chart.

In MT4 and MT5, the server's time is displayed, which can make it difficult to know the local time in your own country. This indicator addresses this disadvantage.

It allows you to display the specified time on a sub-chart and can also display vertical grids at set intervals.

【Example of Displaying Japan Time (Time displayed on a sub-chart, the sub-chart has been narrowed for display.)】 Example of Displaying Japan Time (Time displayed on a sub-chart, the sub-chart has been narrowed for display.)

Selectable Time Display Options

This indicator allows you to freely choose how to display the time.

You can choose to display the year, month, day, hour, and minute. For example, selecting hour and minute will display time like "8:30," and selecting year, month, day, hour, and minute will display "2023.04.25 8:30."

【Example of Time Display】

Example of Time Display

Settable Time Display Intervals

Furthermore, you can freely set the intervals at which time is displayed, based on the number of candlesticks. For instance, setting it to 12 on a 5-minute chart displays time every hour, and setting it to 24 displays time every two hours.

【Example of Time Display Intervals】 Example of Time Display Intervals

Displaying Vertical Grids as Needed

Additionally, it's possible to display vertical grids at each time interval, which helps easily track the passage of time and price changes at regular intervals.

※Turning off the default grid lines can enhance visibility.

【Example of Grid Display】 Example of Grid Display

※This indicator only operates on the Windows versions of MT5 and MT4 from TitanFX.

Indicator Terms of Use

Only those who agree to all the following items may use the indicators distributed on this website (https://research.titanfx.com):

1.The indicators and related descriptions are based on various data believed to be reliable, but their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed.

2.The data displayed by the indicators do not guarantee your investment results. Also, the displayed content may vary due to market conditions and communication environments.

3.Please make investment decisions using indicators at your own risk. We are not responsible for any disadvantages or damages arising from the use of indicators.

4.Specifications of the indicators are subject to change without notice. Changes will be announced on the indicator description pages, etc.

5.Indicators should only be used by customers who have downloaded them. Transferring or selling the indicators to third parties is prohibited.

Indicator Settings

Input (for MT5), Parameter Input (for MT4) Tab Settings

Variable NameDescriptionDefault
TimeSpecify whether to calculate time based on the PC's clock or the MT4/MT5 server time. Selecting PC time does not require adjusting for daylight saving changes, but it may not display the correct time during weekends or when the market is closed. Selecting server time requires adjustments for daylight and standard time.Use local PC time
Time_difference(Use local PC time)If adjusting from server time, specify the hours to add to the server time. For TitanFX, U.S. standard time is GMT+2 and daylight saving time is GMT+3, so setting to 7 for standard time and 6 for daylight saving displays Japan time (GMT+9).0
Year, Month, Day, Hour, MinuteChoose which elements of time to display. True for display, false for hide.Hour and minute are true
Interval(Number of candles)Specify the interval for displaying time, in number of candlesticks.12
Vertical gridChoose whether to display a vertical grid. True for display, false for hide.true
Grid colorSpecify the color for the vertical grid.Gray
Font colorSpecify the color for the text display.White
Font sizeSpecify the size of the displayed text.8

Color (for MT5), Color Settings (for MT4) Tab Settings

--Not used.