Multi-Timeframe Parabolic SAR (Titan_Multi_Parabolic)

Multi-Timeframe Parabolic SAR (Titan_Multi_Parabolic)

Indicator Overview

Displaying Multi-Timeframe Parabolic SAR

The Multi-Timeframe Parabolic SAR indicator allows for displaying the Parabolic SAR from a longer timeframe than the one currently being viewed. By showing the Parabolic SAR from longer timeframes, it quickly alerts traders to the possibility of major trend reversals, facilitating efficient analysis.

Analyzing while checking the levels of long-term moving averages helps in quickly identifying potential support or resistance levels and significant changes in the trend.

【Example of Displaying 4-hour Parabolic SAR on a 1-hour Chart】 Example of Displaying 4-hour Parabolic SAR on a 1-hour Chart

What is Parabolic SAR?

Parabolic SAR is an indicator that displays points, known as SAR (Stop and Reverse), on the chart in a parabolic pattern that serve as markers for potential trend reversals.

During an uptrend, the SAR is plotted below the price, and during a downtrend, it is plotted above the price. When the price reaches these points, it is considered a trend reversal, and the position of the SAR switches.

The SAR starts from the previous high or low before a trend reversal and gradually moves closer to the price. The position of the SAR alone can indicate the direction of the trend and also provide levels for potential trend reversals, making it a valuable tool for setting stop-loss levels and finding entry points for counter-trend trades.

However, caution is needed as it tends to produce more false signals when the price lacks a clear direction.

【Trends Indicated by the Parabolic SAR】 Trends Indicated by the Parabolic SAR

※ This indicator is only compatible with TitanFX's Windows version of MT5 and MT4.

Indicator Terms of Use

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Indicator Settings

Input Settings (For MT5), Parameter Input (For MT4)

Variable NameDescriptionDefault
TimeframeSpecifies which timeframe's Parabolic SAR to display. Select 'current' to display the Parabolic SAR of the chart's timeframe.current
Step (AF)Specifies the AF value for calculating the Parabolic SAR.0.02
Maximum (EP)Specifies the EP value for calculating the Parabolic SAR.0.2
Applied priceSpecifies the price to be used.Close price

Color Settings (For MT5), Color Configuration (For MT4)

00Color and size of the Parabolic during an uptrend
00Color and size of the Parabolic during a downtrend